Supervised Paddle

  • 1hr, 2hr or 3hr supervised paddle boarding sessions along the River Stour
  • Come and enjoy the beautiful sport of paddle boarding in the safe hands of one of our team.
  • Parents can stay dry on the bank or in the pub, whilst we take the children out for a paddle
  • We will give you some hints and tips on the way so you can get the most out of your session.
  • These sessions are only available mid week.

Prices: Vary dependent on group size and duration


Why supervised?

Sessions can be from 1 hour to 3 hours. If you are new to the sport or you would like one of our team to take your children out onto the water whilst you watch from the bank, then look no further. We offer supervised paddles, one of the team can come out with your group and look after you whilst you paddle. We will give you some hints and tips on the way so you can get the most out of your session. If you want us to hang back in the background so we don’t cramp your style, we can also do that. However, we will always be close by if you need us.

Experience overview

The ins and outs of supervised paddle


Optional buoyancy aid


Sessions from 1 hour

Board length




Minimum age

7 years old


The Henny Swan

Useful info

Supervision & restrictions

We offer both Supervised and unsupervised sessions. Please check out the details on the experience page before booking.

Before every session we will provide a safety and paddle briefing

Who is it suitable for?

This sport is suitable for ages 7 and over.

If you have younger children, they can go on the front of the board with you. You will need to supply a life jacket for anyone under the age of 7.

You don’t have to stand up, you can sit or kneel on these boards.

Safety information

Buoyancy aids are recommended and must be worn at all times.

All participants must be able to swim; we do not recommend Paddle Boarding for non-swimmers.

You cannot be under the influence of alcohol whilst on the paddle board.

Children under the age of 18 must be always accompanied by an adult

Additional info

We supply the board, paddle, Buoyancy aid, Wetsuit shoes. We also have dry bags and phone cases if required.

Bring a change of clothes – Just in case!

Please turn up 15 minutes before your booking for a safety and paddle briefing.
Wetsuits not available

If you want to eat or drink at The Henny Swan, please contact them directly. Note: Due to COVID they do have certain rules that need to be followed. Please check with them.

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